The Lumber River Conservancy (LRC) is a land trust founded by two great men whose passion for the Lumber River translated into an insatiable desire to see it permanently protected. These men are the late Dick McLean and Carr Gibson, two friends whose leadership and vision continue to be the source of inspiration for all involved in the LRC.

The LRC is a non-profit land conservancy, one of 23 local and regional land trusts in North Carolina. The LRC was established in 1991 to preserve the Lumber River as one of the nation’s Wild and Scenic rivers by conserving land along it and its tributaries. To date, the LRC has protected over 4,000 acres in Scotland, Robeson, Hoke, and Columbus counties.

The LRC is guided by a 15-member board and staffed by a part-time executive director and volunteer administrators and technical/scientific advisors.

Dick McLean1927-2009
Carr Gibson1915-2008

Map of LRC holdings

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