Helping the LRC

Donate to the LRC

Do you love the Lumber River?  Do you feel passionate about protecting the  water quality and natural community around the Lumber?  If so, there are several ways you can help the Lumber River Conservancy in its mission of  preserving natural, scenic, wild and recreational areas along the Lumber River and its tributaries.

Conserve your Property

Placing a conservation agreement on your land through the LRC. Conservation agreements enable landowners to preserve their land while keeping the title. Conservation easements are done in partnership with a land trust or state agency. They are documents in which the parties agree to protect the land in perpetuity. There are federal and state tax benefits for land owners that place a conservation agreement on their land.

For more information about conservation agreements, click here.

Donate your Property

Donating land to the LRC. To date, 74% of the land to which the LRC holds title has been donated. There are federal, state, and local taxes for any donation of land title to the LRC.

For more information about land donations, click here.

Make a Monetary Donation

Please contact Joseph White (LRC Executive Director) one of the other trustees. The LRC is a charitable organization and donors will receive a donation letter that they can use to reduce their taxes.

For more information about monitory donations, click here.

Help in other Ways

If you feel as passionately as we do about protecting the Lumber River and its watershed, and would like to donate your time or talent, please contact 
Joseph White (LRC Executive Director).  We are often looking for volunteers to manage festival booths, visit or monitor potential land acquisitions, or develop publications.

More Information for Land Owners