New Book about the Lumber River

Long-time LRC Scientific Advisor (and UNCP professor) Dr. Andy Ash and his German colleague Dr. Franz Bogner have recently released a new book focused on the Lumber River and surrounding towns. With late LRC trustee Julian Johnson providing aviation, Dr. Bogner contributed the amazing aerial photography, while Dr. Ash added an in-depth look at the ecology of the Lumber and the history and culture of many of the communities found in the Lumber River watershed. You can find the full description provided by the publisher below. If you would like to get your hands on a copy of this exciting publication, you can purchase one directly from the publisher here.

The Lumber River is a blackwater coastal stream found in southeastern North Carolina. It meanders through five North Carolina counties on its way to its junction with the Little Pee Dee River in South Carolina. Along its one-hundred-and-thirty-mile course, its exceptionally high quality water flows unimpeded while providing a natural habitat for plants, animals, and people.
In a collaborative effort, science educator and photographer Franz Bogner and ecologist Andrew Ash tell the fascinating story of the history and ecological challenges of the Lumber River region. While tracing the geography of the river’s watershed as well as its rich cultural history that includes Native Americans, European settlers, African slaves, and modern inhabitants, Bogner and Ash describe the life that relies on the river’s ecosystem, disclose potential threats, and share interesting facts. Incorporated within the text are captivating photographs that reveal the river’s beauty and diverse occupants that call it home.”

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